2022 Artists

Grace Adam – Diogenes
Two galvanised industrial bins with their industrial aesthetic and echoes of modernist forms were the starting point for Diogenes.

Diogenes, a Greek Philosopher famously lived in a barrel, eschewing worldly comfort, carrying a lamp during the day, saying he was looking for an honest man.
I saw these, and thought of him! 
Stacey Beaumont – Stacey explores the transitional effect of light through glass to create sculptures that are dynamic within their environments. She exhibits nationally and is strongly influenced by the stunning natural environment surrounding her workshop on the Cornish coast and her childhood in Africa.
Mordonnow £2,200 
Sulis £3,250
Celeste £2,500
Judith Campbell – Bayfielders
Judith was inspired by the site and the history of the lost village of Bayfield to create these joyful figures for this year’s trail. They sit alongside the commemorative plaques of dogs who have lived and been loved at Bayfield Hall over the centuries.
£35 each.
Laura Cannell and Lori Goldston – In July 2022 the cellist Lori Goldston (Earth / Nirvana MTV Unplugged) was travelling from Seattle to Italy for a tour. Laura and Lori met in 2017 when the pair toured the UK, they became firm friends and collaborators. Five years later they hatched a plan to record for a day in Norfolk, It seemed natural to explore the medieval acoustics of ancient Norfolk spaces, so they took their instruments, recording gear and set off. Vaulted Echoes was an instant composition recorded on Monday 18th July 2022 in The Undercroft of St Olave’s Priory est. 1216 by the river Waveney in Norfolk.
Sarah Cannell – A creative journey from landscape painting to ceramics. Sarah has been exploring the medium of ceramics and experimenting with form and surface design to create vessels with bold colour and line.
Dom Cooper – Sculptures in plaster inspired by shapes and forms found around us – the flowing curves of cloud formations, buds on plants, seed pods. Simple, organic and spontaneous.
Calypso – Cassini’s weatherproof plaster, plinth of concrete, paint. £1200.
Mythical Bird – Cassini’s weatherproof plaster, plinth of concrete, paint. £1800
Nicci Dedman – Nicci makes modern wire sculpture. For this armchair and pouffe metal wire has been layered to give an upholstered look and gives a comfortable seat for you to sit, put your feet up and enjoy. Normally we ask you not to touch or sit on the sculptures but in this case we invite you to sit and gather your strength before embarking on your journey around the trail!
Armchair and Pouffe – £1280
Victoria Fenn – As a departure from my usual Fenland theme, this work was specifically made in response to visiting Glandford Shell Museum – built by Alfred Jodrill, philanthropist and once owner of Bayfield Hall. The table-top sculptures are made using traditional silversmithing techniques. £550 each sculpture.
Tobias Ford – Metalwork inspired by the wildlife living in Bayfield and surrounding areas. Tobias has a studio in Suffolk and created the giant Pakefield Man for First Light Festival 2019. Barn Owl, welded steel – £1900.
Jen Fox

No permanence is ours; we are a wave that flows to fit whatever form it finds: 
Through night or day, cathedral or the cave
We pass forever, craving form that binds. 
Hermann Hesse

Fragile Ground, Jen Fox 
An installation of over 300 individually made clay tiles, each with an impression taken from the body.

Subsumed, Jen Fox
A Sculptural piece, which was shortlisted for the Batsford Prize Award. 
Joella Gardner – Le Jardin – Constructed from recycled paper pulp, soil and other plant materials gathered from these grounds, ‘Le Jardin’ aims to emulate and celebrate the beautiful gardens and natural surroundings of Bayfield Hall.
Andy Jarrett – Nature is Andy’s big inspiration, he makes sculptural forms mainly in welded steel to celebrate his experiences.
Shoal – £540.
Louise Kosinska – Large spheres grounded yet light enough to move in the wind travel randomly around the secret garden grouping together and moving apart. One of silver reflects the trees, one a ball of fallen night sky, rolling stones that gather moss.
Cindy Lee Wright – The Tree of Life is a celebration of the rich wildlife that thrives in East Anglia. Enjoying abundance gives us the energy to get on with the job of protecting and fighting for the wild world.

Cindy creates multiples of her illustrative sculptures, you can order then by going to the box office or emailing the curator sarah.cannell1@gmail.com

Tree with all creatures £3,500.
Individual creatures – Blue tit £25, Great tit £25, Nightingale £25, Robin £25, Woodpecker £30, Blackbird £30, Swallows £45, Hedgehog £50, Little Owl £50, Barn Owl Perching £65, Rook 1 £65, Rook 2 £65, Squirrel £75, Pheasant £75, Flying Barn Owl £80, Buzzard £80, Otter £95, Magpies £95, Running hare £95, Leaping hare £100, Fox £120, Badger £120, Deer £150, Heron £150.
Rachael Long – Rachael is a renowned sculptor whose recent works include the Wells Lifeboat Horse in the harbour. These two pieces were selected specificlly for their relevance to the chapel and share the space with Laura Cannell and Lori Goldston’s sound installation.
Liberation Wings – £2950
Head – £3500
Marsh Ponies – Rachael Long (Sculptor – Wells Lifeboat Horse), Sarah Cannell (Curator Raveningham and Bayfield Hall Sculpture Trails), Andy Jarrett (Sculptor)
The Marsh Ponies are part of a collaborative project initiated in 2019. They are designed as Fire Sculptures and have been performed at Love Light Festival (Norwich Cathedral), Snape Maltings (Henry Moore lawn) and Raveningham Sculpture Trail. There is a film in the woods, (number 7 on the trail) where you can see them being performed at Snape Maltings with Music by internationally renowned musician Laura Cannell, commissioned for Festival of New 2022.
Andy Maule – Eve – Following my interest in figuration, this wire figure of “Eve” captures her mystery: present or absent, true or imagined, belief or disbelief.
Jonny Nichols – Lives on Suffolk Norfolk border and sculpts mainly British native wildlife in metal.
Boxing Hare £3800.
Fox £3000.
Badger £2400.
Cockerel Sheet Metal £2800.
Stag Beetle £1500
Shaun Pickering – Shaun is a metal fabricator and blacksmith by trade, and is now using these skills to develop his artistic practice. He has wanted to create a majestic stag for many years, but now, thanks to the inspiration of Bayfield Hall, his stag has finally come to life.
Stag £2950. Small Umbelifer £250. Large Umbelifer £280.
Kate Reynolds – Kate Reynolds makes ceramic sculptures which communicate expressions and responses to her observations of nature and the human body.
Her ceramic owls, seagull and wading birds hopefully capture something of the quizzical nature of birds and their moments of stillness in their journeys.
Cocoon (curled figure) £1250.
Peace (head) £1250.
River & Sea £1250 (2 figures). Dusk (owl) £1250.
Sheila Robinson – Sheila Robinson is inspired by the beach and themes of change, renewal, mythology and cartography. This piece references the mythical boat that takes us to the next life as well as the perilous journeys undertaken by refugees.
Gordon Senior – My work refers to the natural environment and to farmed landscape.The boulder-like forms display bronze casts of arable plants at different stages of growth. These are embedded into a polished terrazzo surface, containing flint chippings, representing land and the earth. Wheat £750. Oats £750. Barley £750. Larger sculptures: Oilseed Rape £1,250. Sugar Beet £1,250.
Meryem Siemmond – Meryem finds the working with stone intensely enjoyable and deeply engaging, whether that’s representing living creatures or exploring more abstract relationships in symbolic, philosophical form. It is almost a process of meditation, which encourages a more intuitive approach within an understanding of nature itself.
My Name Is Rose, pink rajasthan marble £7500.
Sonic Moth – Sonic Moth’s music is heavily influenced by naturally occuring sounds of nature and texture, collected and recorded in the Norfolk countryside, The piece you are listening to is augmented by digital sounds created in the moth shed.
Fern Spray – My Journey with Glass & Wood – With a glass on glass mosaic technique Ferns work is exploring changing light angles and overall shape to achieve different effects with mirror and glass which interact with its surroundings.
Red World – £1400
Blue World – £1400
Jayne Stansfeld – A group of ten acrobatic piglets made specifically to enliven the space around existing dramatic boar sculpture near the house at Bayfield Hall Sculpture Trail. The artist wanted to create work for outside that appeals to children and families with a sense of fun so enlisted the help of children at Artspace Cromer beach and Damara school in Thetford for playful ideas. Individual piglets can be commissioned from £350 per piglet, £3,000 for group. Donation is being made from sales to support future creative projects with children
Marion Stuart – The Cabinet of Rarities – A cabinet of curios inspired by collectors such as Thomas Brown the polymath, and the history of Wunderkammer; also known as Cabinets of Wonder, and wonder-rooms. Various objects of reality and fiction are made from ceramic porcelain paper clay, creating a portrait of the collector.
Monica Wheeler – Site specific installation responding to the pet cemetary and the loving relationship we have with our dogs. Sit on the bench to get a dog’s eye view of their owner.